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John Dumelo on how he handles ladies

John Dumelo

Fast-rising Ghanaian move star John Dumelo, besides his dexterity on the screens, has also got the skill to manage girls. John told ‘News-One’ that he manages girls, when he was asked how he was handling most of his numerous female fans.

“The girls are there. You know, I am a very friendly person and I have a lot of female friends. Yes the girls, I manage them properly, I manage them properly. I give them time that I am free from this time to this time. So that is that,” he simply said.

As to what he really meant by managing girls, John would not explain any further. The tall gentleman, who started acting at the age of seven in the hit movie, ‘Baby Thief’, returned from Nollywood three weeks ago, where he is in hot demand. He thus confirmed ‘News-One’ reports that Nollywood producers were on his trail, beckoning him to their set. Even though he said it is tedious working on a lot of sets out there, he added that it is also fun and profitable working in Nigeria.“I initially went there to do two movies but I ended up doing more movies. I was working twenty-four hours. I finish one movie and move to another set. I was really working in Nigeria and I have been there for two months. As we speak now, I am supposed to be in Nigeria but I have to do some other movie for Abdul Salam.”

John also refuted claims that acting is totally distracting his attention from his real estate job. “Movie is not really pulling me away from my real estate job. Yes, it has limited my input into my real estate business but beginning of next year I have devised a new strategy to actually share my time accordingly.” John is expected to return to Nigeria in December to continue shooting, but he says he is likely going to stay home and launch his foundation before going. He would be embarking on a charity project where he would distribute books, pencils and other learning material to deprived basic schools.


Credit: Ghanaweb

  1. November 23, 2009 at 8:04 am

    Men u are so cute n act kuul too keep it up

  2. yaa asantewaa
    November 26, 2009 at 9:25 am

    i love ur style of acting kip it up pls accept me as ur friend anyway are u married

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