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FDB chair interdicted

Dr. Benjamin kumbuor

The Chairman of the Food and Drugs Board, Dr. Alex Duodu has expressed utter shock over suggestions that he is under investigations by the Serious Fraud Office for alleged wrong doing.

Dr. Alex Duodu, who has been interdicted, told Joy News his outfit has not engaged in any illegal activity to warrant an interdiction from the Health Minister, Dr Benjamin Kumbuor.

“I have never been approached by the SFO on any matter whether relating to the FDB or any other organisation for that matter. I would like to say categorically again that the Board I chair has not been involved in any transaction of any sort, good or bad,” he told Joy News on Thursday.

His denial follows a letter from the Health Minister, Dr. Benjamin Kumbuor, asking him to step aside over allegations of botched transactions which incurred losses for the Board.

The letter claimed Dr Duodu, who is also the President of the Pharmaceutical Society, is under investigations by the Serious Fraud Office for his role in those illegal transactions.

“I find this allegation extremely serious, extremely wrong, it may end up tarnishing a very hard earned local and international reputation. And I find that very sad for Ghana,” he said.

He said his lawyers have taken up the matter, but he personally finds the allegation very worrying.

He also denied the claim by the Health Minister that he is under investigations.

“When the SFO invites you, normally there is a format, telling you what you have been accused of and there is a form telling you when to meet and which officer to meet. None of these have happened to me. My lawyers are equally baffled they are trying to make contact with the SFO so we find out what is going on.

“I don’t want to say it’s an attempt to intimidate me, but that is the sort of feeling I get and I find that wrong.”


Source: Modernghana

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