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Tyler Perry Target Of Lawsuit


Tyler Perry

According to TMZ, Tyler Perry has been named in a lawsuit by the estate of the late gospel singer/songwriter Bertha James for allegedly lifting an entire verse of James’ song for his film “Madea Goes to Jail.


According to the federal lawsuit obtained by TMZ, a personal representative of the deceased singer claims Perry used an entire verse of “When I Think of the Goodness of Jesus,” a song James wrote in 1950.

Perry allegedly took the verse and used it in his 2009 film …

“incorporating the entire Chorus in a monologue delivered by the main character in ‘Madea’ referencing her deliverance from a jail sentence and leniency for repetitive criminal conduct, in a staged court proceeding presided over by ‘Judge Mabeline.'”

Lionsgate Entertainment, which distributed the film, is also named as defendant. The James estate is asking for unspecified damages for copyright infringement.

Tyler Perry is a native of New Orleans who started producing plays in Atlanta. His work on the stage caught on and he became the biggest name in the urban theater world. In 2004, Perry brought his act to the big screen with “Diary of Mad Black Woman.” He’s been rolling ever since.


Credit: Eurweb

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