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Kunta Kinte is alive


False rumours swept the internet from Ghana Musiconline.com that Kunta Kinte has passed away, little more after some weeks that Kunta Kinte made his first public appearance at the Miss Maliaka 2009.

Ghana Music.com can now also exclusively reveal that he’s not dead and we have spoken to artistes close to Kunta who were very much surprised at Ghana Musiconline.com’s article which have been taken off their website (www.ghanamusiconline.com) today after heavy lashing they recieved from fans of Da Bradez .

Earlier this year, Kunte Kinte was said to have suffered a stroke at University of Ghana but rumours spreading on the internet that Kunte Kinte of Da Bradez has died have been greatly exaggerated. “I heard the rumours last three days and I wanna say that whoever is saying that; it’s a lie and that am still alive and that I will live long”, said Kunta Kinte who was in the studio with Stone Da FlowKing in a phone interview.

Kunta Kinte passed his phone to his senior brother, Stone who shed more light on the rumours by saying that “This goes to our fans if you really like us, you wouldn’t really believe or spread rumours like these. It’s not what man will say that will have an effect on us but what God says”.

“His performances at the Miss Maliaka was a concept by One Mic Entertainment to prove that he could rise and walk and he did that”, continued Stone.

He did not also forget to talk about Ghana Musiconline.com, “When you hear something about someone, the best thing to do is ask but I guess they did not do that”, he said.

The big brother and producer of Kunta Kinte, Okyeame Kwame furiously said that “he is fine and amazingly he has started playing the piano recently. He is currently staying with my mum in Kumasi”.

“It is very sad that people are misinforming others about these rumours but I know Kunta Kinte will be back soon because my beats are still waiting for him and Da Bradez”, Richie the producer for the “Simple” song said.

Tinny, whowas not only happy expressed shock at his death rumour and said “This is a very bad publication from the website that wrote the story. We don’t bestow death unto a sick person. He is recovering and this is the time we need to support him”.

Credit: Ghanaweb

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