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Samsung Unveils World’s Slimmest LED TVs

The landscape of the electronics market in Ghana is set to experience a mega revolution after Samsung Electronics, a leading player in the global flat panel display market, finally unveiled its latest innovation-the Samsung LED TV, the world’s slimmest LED TV in Accra last Friday at a high profile red carpet event that was attended by consumers, dealers and the media.

This milestone achievement will further put the fast selling brand as a top performance, high quality, innovative and vision oriented company in the minds of consumers around the world.

The introduction of the LED TV has revolutionized the way the world looks at television. It combines award-winning design with the most advanced technology available today.

Additionally, Samsung has taken its long-standing passion towards the environment and has made it a priority with this newest line of LED TVs.

With beautiful, crystal-clear design inspired by nature and image quality that extends beyond reality, the Samsung LED TV has taken a completely new dimension.

Samsung LED TVs do not require bulky components like cold cathode fluorescent lamps. This unique approach has resulted in a beautifully -designed TV frame that comes fully equipped with everything, including a built -in- tuner and power supply.

The company noted that the TV uses fewer materials and is extremely slim and light.

‘So light that Samsung has developed an innovatively new wall mounting system that lets one hang the TV as one would do with a picture frame,’ the company stated.

“With the introduction of our new Mega contrast technology, our TV’s can achieve contrast levels like never be before,” 2M: 1, the Samsung Product Manager said.

“The new products are completely mercury free. The beautiful and innovative crystal design bezel does not use harmful spray paint, which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

“Enjoy the convenience of using your TV to access online content such as Yahoo! Flickr and even You Tube- all with the push of a button. Utilize the convenient USB 2.0 movie port and share photos as well as HD videos from your vacation with family and friends.

And the widget -based interface and scroll bar make browsing for content even easier,” it added.

A new era of maximum entertainment has arrived for consumers looking for a sleek, modern design, premium TV that is practical as well as stylish with benefits of the latest LED technology that has a craftsmanship of an artist.


Credit: dailyguideghana

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