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Sakawa Hits Chief

THE BENKUMHENE of Nkoranza Traditional Area, Nana Fosu Kyemereh, was shocked to the marrow when he woke up early in the morning on Friday  November 20, 2009 to find the thigh of a sheep tied to his door.  On the floor was thick blood, suspected to be that of a human being.

When day broke a crowd gathered at the palace, not knowing what to do about the ‘ritual’. By midday the news spread like wild fire, leading to the assembling of a huge crowd at the vicinity.  People gave different meanings to the scene.

Whereas some interpreted it to mean Sakawa, others interpreted the scene to mean a ritual to harm the chief. When one young man said it was an indication that the chief was destooled, an elderly man quickly said that was not the way a chief is destooled in the traditional area.

He said if it were to be a destoolment ritual the sheep would have been slaughtered at day light in presence of the chief, followed by the removal of his sandals. The elderly man, Nana Kwame Bsiah, said even before a sheep is slaughtered to signify the destoolment of a chief, charges are preferred against him, and he is also given the chance to defend himself.

Speaking to DAILY GUIDE, Nana Kyemereh, the Benkumhene, said he was shocked because he did not know why somebody would like to harm him spiritually since he is a man of peace. Asked what his next line of action would be, he said he will meet with his clan head before taking any action.

Maame Adwoa, a young lady living in the palace and a royal of the Benkum division, told this reporter that as Christians they will pray for God to save them from the hands of the devil. She noted that if it is the intension of the ‘sakawa’ people to scare them, it will not work because God is in control.

Following a series of ‘sakawa’ cases in the country, the Nkoranza incident has sent chills down the spines of residents of the town.

Source: dailyguideghana

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