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Accra to enjoy Hiphop Nation

HIP HOP Nation, a package of diverse performances involving music, dance, theatre and poetry, will take place at the Alliance Française in Accra on Saturday November 21, 2009.

The programme forms part of a series of shows organized by MI Prime Entertainment under the banner of Bless the Mic, an arts promotions outfit which has over the years been showcasing the artistic creations of young artistes.

Saturday night’s programme will commence with the showcasing of hip hop fashion, which will be interspersed with performances by a number of hip hop artistes, break dancing and free-style dancing that is set to reveal new techniques of movement.

Grafitti display by artist and photographer Jah Wi and radio presenter Bush K will be showcased all over the venue, while the night would be spiced up by hip hop greats as well as poetry recitals by young poets who are set to comment on contemporary issues and topics in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

The show is expected to reveal talents that are set to explode onto the art scene with a bang while connecting the traditional arts with the popular, thus ensuring a fair mix of crowds that will enhance dialogue and exchange of ideas and experiences.

MI Prime Entertainment has over the years been involved in the showcasing of young artists in various venues in and around Accra. This has resulted in a number of young artists who are currently active in mainstream shows on the performance circuits in Ghana.

It is currently involved in a project being funded by the Ghana Cultural Fund to organize similar shows in various parts of Accra and its surrounding areas while introducing the traditional arts to the youth.

The programme is being supported by Alliance Française and the French Embassy in Accra.


Credit: Ghanaweb

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