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Faulty elevators in Korle-Bu threaten lives of nursing mothers

Expectant and nursing mothers at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra are living in constant fear over the malfunctioning of the elevators.Women in labour and nursing mothers undergoing cesarean sessions have had to trek the six storey maternity block on foot daily because the lift has failed to work for the past week.

One of the women on the fifth floor who uses the stairs daily to feed her premature baby on the first floor narrated her ordeal to Joy News. “The baby is premature they tell me they need the breast milk to cut short the baby.

Just imagine me walking down to go and breast feed the baby. I tried it yesterday I was only able to go there three times instead of four. Even when I came back I had to be put on drip because I didn’t have the strength. As for today I cannot even move there at all, I have not been able to see the baby at all,” the sobbing woman said.

She dreads what the situation will be like after her surgery, but said for the life of her new born baby she has no other alternative.“After the surgery you can just imagine. With the blood and everything you can’t afford to sit at one place. You need to save your baby and yourself. So the conditions, it has not been easy but as a mother you know the importance of breast milk,” she concluded in tears.

Acting Public Relations Officer of the hospital, Kojo Owusu Manu told Joy News’ Matilda Asante Asiedu that the lifts have become obsolete and need to be changed

According to him, the lifts were installed over 30 years ago and need huge capital investment to replace. He said the hospital is in touch with the company in charge of repairing the them which has promised to repair them before the end of day Thursday.

Describing the situation at the block, and the woman’s ordeal as unpleasant news to hear, the PRO said management as part of medium to long term policy will change the lifts in the entire block.


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