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Goldcoast clothing for the young and tre

Goldcoast clothing line is fast becoming a source of trendy casual clothes, T-shirts, Polo or Golf shirts, and jeans for most young men and women in Ghana. Driven by a passion to redefine Ghanaian clothing through motifs inspired by indigenous African hip hop, designers, Tii Jay and Aziz are leaving their mark with design after design.

Both designers hold Degrees in Fine Art from Ghanatta College of Art and Design, and have individually won numerous awards including Artist of the Year 2001, and Best Rapid Painter awarded by the Spanish Embassy, Ghana. In 2003, the duo started printing out their designs on t-shirts as a hobby and not long, they decided to take it up as a business. Today they make affordable readymade and customized casual wears for people of all ages.

According to the duo, their designs go beyond the ordinary into authentic art pieces, because they are inspired by the past, present and future. using materials, techniques and elements such as acrylic, plastisorl (water and oil), puff, chamaeleon and suade paste, vinyl, flock, beads, blinks (glitter, rhinestones etc.), Kente, Woodin, batik, tie-n-dye and mud cloth, Goldcoast is always able to birth unique products from the sketch pad right through the final print.

“From the days of graffiti to the days of wide usage of colours till now, the days of mix medium, Goldcoast as always uses authentic materials and fabrics for the satisfaction of our respectable customers”, the designers’ guarantee to customers. Goldcoast is located in Pig Farm opposite Club 1000 bus stop, Accra. Prices range from $10-15 for adults; $5-10 for kids, and $20 and above for customized.

“Ghanaians and the world at large should expect a dynamic and well defined cloth line with a touch of every culture” – Goldcoast


Credit: Ghanaweb.com

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