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Fake Cop Jailed


Yaw Amoah

CIRCUIT COURT Three in Kumasi, presided over by D.W.P. Amedior, has sentenced Yaw Amoah, 26, to 18 months imprisonment for falsely pretending to be a public officer, contrary to Section 237 of Act 2960.

The accused person, an electrician by profession, pleaded guilty to the charge, but the court did not take his plea and jailed him in the process. The prosecution told the court that Amoah had until his arrest been posing as police officer belonging to the MTTU Division in order to extort monies from unsuspected drivers around the Kejetia Bus Terminal in Kumasi.

The Ashanti Regional Police Command, upon receiving the shameful and disheartening news, put surveillance on the suspect. Fortunately, the police spotted Amoah on a Saturday dressed in police attire, extorting monies from drivers.

Some police officers approached Amoah and questioned him about his identity, but the suspect, who was not able to come forth with any tangible answers, started to shake all over. Sensing danger, and knowing that he was on the brink of being arrested, he said, Amoah took to his heels but was soon grabbed by onlookers and brought to the police station for questioning.

Wrapped dried leaves, suspected to be Indian hemp, and squeezed 5 and 1 Ghana Cedi notes were in Amoah’s pocket when police conducted a search on him. He was consequently arraigned.

Source: dailyguideghana

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