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Adu Poku, latest MTN Academy victim Philip Adu Poku, teammate #

Philip Adu Poku, teammate # four, became the latest and the fourth casualty to exit the on-going MTN Soccer Reality Show at the Academy House last Sunday evening.

But, unlike the previous evictions that saw the evictees bowing out tearfully, Poku managed his emotions, and took the “bad news” in good faith, leaving with his chest out. He expressed profound gratitude to Optimum Media Prime (OMP), organisers of the show,

for the platform offered him, and pledged to translate what he received from coaches Ibrahim Sunday, Ahmed Polo and Dan Owusu into play, as he strives to make it to the top.

And like the previous evictees, Poku left the house with a special cash prize and souvenirs.

Daniel Opare assumed the captaincy role, taking over from his Nigerian counterpart Celestine.  The show now parades five Ghanaians and five Nigerians and continues this Sunday. Me

anwhile, Miss Cynthia B. Kusi, who has won an all round trip ticket to Europe, was presented with an Afriqiyah Air Ticket, for being one of the highest texters for the Afriqiyah Text SMS promotion on the soccer academy reality show.

Source: Modernghana

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