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‘Insist On VAT Invoice’

Ghanaians have been urged to insist on VAT invoice from registered agents any time they transact businesses with them. The call is part of a campaign by the Value Added Tax (VAT) Service to improve revenue collection through voluntary compliance.

A campaign team from the Kaneshie local VAT office yesterday advised students of the City Secondary and Business College to buy from registered traders who display VAT certificates in their principal places of business.

Georgina Zeng, Head of Clients Services at the Kaneshie VAT Office, told the students that paying tax is a civic responsibility, adding that they must be firm in collecting invoices from registered agents.

“If you do not insist on your VAT receipt, then traders may charge you money but it will never get to government,” he added. VAT is a consumption expenditure tax that retailers who make GH¢10,000 sales a month or record a daily sales of GH¢30 are mandated to charge and pay to the Service, which is paid into the consolidated fund.

Monies collected as taxes, she observed, are for national development projects such as building roads, schools, and hospitals and for the provision of other essential goods and services. Taxes that fall under the VAT Service include VAT, National health Insurance levy (NHIL) and the Communication Tax.

She encouraged the students to persuade their parents who are involved in retailing to register with the Service. The Client Services officer directed the students to help the VAT service by reporting registered traders who fail to issue invoices or do not display the VAT certificate in their principal places of businesses.

“We have been able to raise a lot of money from such reports as we investigate such people and culpable traders have been made to pay outstanding invoices,” she said. Augustine Kojo Abankwa, Head of the Enforcement and Debt Management Unit at the Kaneshie VAT Office, warned that the non-payment of taxes constituted an act of tax evasion that was punishable under the VAT Law.

Source: dailyguideghana

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