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Mzbel on acting, UT boss and new music


Mzbel can be described as one of the confident and sexy artiste Ghana has ever produced as much as music is concerned. With lots of talent and skills, she has been able to raise the flag of Ghana high on many international platforms.

Talking to her at her residence in Dansoman, she told Flex Newspaper that she has lots of nice tracks on her album and since many artistes have named their albums Run away, she decided to change hers to “Saucy girl.” “ I don’t think it`s bad because it is one of the best tracks on my album” she added.

Mzbel continued that she has been quiet studying the game but it seems some female musicians like Mimi are trying to get the game twisted. “I don’t really know who Mimi is and I have never met her before. I don’t know if she has an album or a video running on air but I heard she was saying we don’t have good female performers which really hurts me because if I am not a good performer, I don’t think I would have the opportunity to perform in U.S.A, Europe and almost all the African countries.

The reason why I have been able to reach that far is because I am a good performer. Besides that, we have good female performers like Becca, Irene and Shegee so am surprised she is saying we don’t have good performers. I think this is hatred because she has not been able to reach where we are’’ She revealed.

Just as many people were peddling rumours that Nana Akua Amoah a.k.a Mzbel is involved in a very intimate relationship with an astute Chief Executive Officer known as Mr. Prince Amoabeng of U.T (Unique Trust) Financial Services, she denied vehemently. She stated openly that she has nothing to do with U.T, adding that he is just a good friend.

Nana Akua who decided to change the way she dresses some years back to an African style but was not able to continue as promised had this to say. “I decided to change the way I dress to an African style which I started some years back. I mounted many musical platforms with African attire and even on Music Music with an African Dipo dress, which had many international media coming down to interview me.

Al-jazeera came to Ghana to interview me because they saw me in an African wear but I decided to stop wearing it because I realized that Ghanaians can`t even handle their own out fit but they are asking me to go back to it, I have made up my mind and I am not going to change the way I dress” she intimated.

“Sometimes people ask if I am born again or not but I want them to know that there is nothing like born again for Mzbel. I was born into a Pentecostal church and I still go to church so what is the meaning of born again” she revealed.

Mzbel sent gratitude to Goodies as a good manager who has contributed positively in her career. A promise ring on her hand opted for a question as to whether she is getting married but she said no comment to that question.


Credit: Ghanaweb

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