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Caroline Sampson launches help campaign

Caroline Sampson

Model, actress, singer, radio and TV presenter, Caroline Sampson alias ‘The Boss Lady’ has launched a campaign dubbed ‘Help Somebody’ with the aim of helping people in need of the simple things in life. Inspired by the generosity of Oprah Winfrey (who is blessed with resources), Caroline hopes that she can use her campaign to raise some resources that would allow for similarly spirited acts of giving.

She comments: “I believe we live in a society where people take so many things for granted. They fail to pay attention to little things that matter thereby consciously or unconsciously affecting people’s lives either positively or negatively with the kind of life they live. One thing is for sure, everybody has their own problem and therefore there is the need to help one another however little or small. One’s problem might be greater than the other but that is no reason to say some do not deserve to be helped.”

Caroline also believes that extending a helping hand to somebody doesn’t necessarily mean giving them physical cash only. What is important is that one has been able to help another in that time of need whether cash or kind, big or small. She therefore wants to use her image and other platforms as a means to impact lives positively, to help as and when the need arises, to put a smile on someone’s face, and to let people have a positive attitudinal change towards helping.

“I intend to basically hit on the need for us not to ignore the opportunities that come to us sometimes for us to help people, so long as we can, we should not ignore,” she adds.

She also intends to move from school to school to talk to students about adopting a positive attitude towards helping one another. The public can support the campaign with a GHp45 contribution by sending ‘HS’ to short code 1443 on all networks. “This is to solely generate funds that will be used to help anybody at any other time from holidays to ordinary days. If people find it necessary to give more they are gladly welcome to give any donation of any kind by calling the HELP SOMEBODY hotline 0277 22 39 12”, Caroline further explains.

25 year old Caroline Sampson is a sexy, confident, intelligent and hardworking lady with ambitions of doing more great and challenging things in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. She took part in the third edition of Miss Malaika Ghana as well as the maiden edition of Ghana Top Model. She has since hosted several programs on radio and TV in addition to hosting many other events. She has appeared on several billboards and TV commercials and currently owns a media and entertainment company called Urban Multimedia.

The ‘Help Somebody’ campaign is powered by my entertainment brand URBAN GH.

Credit: Ghanaweb

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