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Obrafour fires a warning shot

Over the past few weeks Obrafour’s latest single track “Kasiebo” has been the highest subscribe Ghanaian music for the sheer controversy it has generated. The music has had everyone talking and thinking simultaneously. The track features Guru, a budding hip life artiste.

The controversy surrounding it’s released can simply be described as overwhelming. It came at the right time perchance to the fans of Obrafour, who have waited for almost 4 years without hearing anything from their star.

Kaseibo has not been too long on the airwaves but it’s threatening the very existence of other equally good music on the airwaves. Everywhere you go be it clubs, pubs, parties, funerals etc it’s been played and to say it has hijacked the airwaves, will be an understatement, the lyrics is on the lips of every music lover.

Turn on the radio, switch on the television, browse the internet or even read or glance through the newspapers and you will get my drift, everyone is just talking about it. It has also become a topic for discussion during entertainment reviews and shows both on radio and on television.

Concurring with Kwame Sefa Kayi, host of Peace FM’s morning show, Fiifi Banson and Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD), I feel the track is just a masterpiece and creativity at its peak.

Though the song makes no mention of any particular person(s), it is clear who the song is referring to. According to Obrafour, he got the concept from the God Almighty and not picking on anyone. He said his detractors thought he’s done, jaded and out of the game but blamed his absence to a strange sickness. “The rumour around says I was done and out of the game, I thought I wouldn’t be alive now, but I thank God’.


On why he refused the rap battle invitation on DJ Black’s Open House Party from the reigning king of the Ghana Music Awards and the guy who calls himself ‘the best rapper alive’, a title Obrafour is not pleased about. “Am not afraid, am not running away from anyone”, Obrafour fires with a sound of caution.

The outwardly deformed and emotionally looking Obrafour said he is not aware of any rap battle with Okyeame Kwame at Joy FM, but so far as he is concerned he is not a dirty rapper and sees battling as childish. But on second thought he will only battle if the organizers of such battle can solicit for 20 sponsors and put 10,000 with that he is sure to battle since by then he will know he is battling for something. So Is rap Osofour broke?

Meanwhile, the initiator of the battle, Ghana’s rap ‘Doctor’, Okyeame Kwame failed to grab any awards at this year’s Channel O Music Video Awards even though he received three nominations with his ‘Woso�video. He was nominated for; Most Gifted Hip Hop Video, Most Gifted West African and Most Young Gifted & African Award.

The originator of hip life Reggie Rockstone has publicly asked Okyeame Kwame to do a reply song to Obrafour’s ‘Kasiebo’. But it looks like the former will not heed to Reggie’s advice as he believes doing so will dent his image, he said he’s now matured enough, especially as a married man and a husband.

“I am not prepared to enter into a fight with Obrafour because I am moving on. I am now a father, a husband, MTN Brand Ambassador, Coca-Cola Brand Ambassador and Hepatitis B Ambassador. If I went to the studio to do the same thing he has done, I would be allowing my name to be dragged into disrepute, that is all he wants to achieve”, He told Graphic Showbiz.
Credit: moderngh

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