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Bishops Pick On SHS Placements


Cardinal Appiah Turkson

THE GHANA Catholic Bishops Conference has taken exception to the inconveniences related to the computerized Senior High School placements, and has advised that the Ghana Education Service and Education Ministry and other stakeholders seek remedies to the challenges.

Having earlier in 2005 called on the authorities to take a look at the Computer School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS), the Conference, during their latest annual meeting stated that, “The Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education should face these hard facts and work with all stakeholders in order to find solutions or alternatives to the CSSPS and the ills that have bedeviled our once highly cherished and lauded educational system.

“We think the time has come fora national Catholic education forum to help find a solution”. The Conference also took a look at what it called the imperatives of culture and noted, “Ghanaians are gradually sidelining the imperatives of our culture – the fear of God, respect for life and for elders, decency, promotion of justice and peace through dialogue, hospitality etc”.

It added, “Our culture was and still should be a religious culture. The disdain and disregard for this culture have emptied us of the above-mentioned cherished traditional values”.

This, the Conference noted, has resulted in the throwing away of the fear of the Lord which it added has in turn led to various social crimes such as the killing of others for power or wealth, the so-called ‘sakawa’, greed, bribery and corruption, violence as a means of redress, pedophilia, incest, homosexuality, rape and so on.

The communiqué issued at the end of the annual conference, and signed by the Most Rev. Lucas Abadamloora, Bishop of Navrongo-Bolgatanga and President of the Ghana Bishops’ Conference, asked that the mining industry be looked into with a view to ensure that inherent economic advantages are enjoyed by Ghanaians, and not an increase in poverty and denial of human rights, adding that, “We will come back to this subject of mining and the oil find in the future”.

It expressed gratitude to God for ensuring successful polls in the country, adding that Ghanaians should be supportive of the government, and provide constructive ideas that will help build the nation and avoid negative language and insults.

The Conference did not leave out the elevation of Peter Cardinal Appiah Turkson to the status of President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, assuring the Cardinal of their prayers and support.

Source: dailyguideghana

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