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Pusher In Secret Marriage


Pusher and his lovely Wife Elorm

THE INFAMOUS Things We Do For Love ‘bad boy’, Pusher, known in a real life as Adjetey Anang, secretly married wife Elorm and has since kept the news of his nuptials quiet.

The lead actor in Sparrow Productions’ new movie, ‘A Sting In A Tale’ told BEATWAVES that they tied the knot three years ago, after they met on set. According to Pusher, the two fell in love while shooting Things We Do For Love and have since been together.

They did not however make noise about their marriage as some stars would have done. Pusher prefers to maintain a low profile.

“My wife has been supportive. If you see me, you see my wife. Presently, she kind of manages me”, he divulged. Currently, the couple has not expanded their family yet. Pusher however revealed that his wife wants four kids, against his preferred two.

At the premiere of ‘A Sting In A Tale’, Elorm was by the side of her shy and quiet-looking hubby.

Pusher is undoubtedly a household name. The erstwhile prefect of the Labone High School has been in the industry since the early 90s when he began his career as an assistant performer at the National Theatre of Ghana. His versatility as the ‘bad boy’ in ‘Things we do for Love’, an award-winning teen drama series on HIV & Aids, however shot him to fame.

His wife Elorm, who was also a member of the cast of Things We Do For Love, now works at the Castle Branch of the Intercontinental Bank.


Credit: Dailyguideghana

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    wiSh u guYs bSt of luCk in yA marriagE…..stay bless…..1

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