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Nani Bashes Ferguson



NANI gambled with his Manchester United future on Wednesday night, as he lifted the lid on Sir Alex Ferguson’s explosive Old Trafford man-management.

The Portugal star pulled no punches in a revealing interview that will leave boss Fergie seething.Nani’s astonishing tirade could spell the beginning of the end for a player who has failed to emerge from the shadow of Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is clear the 23-year-old has reached the end of his tether. And in a no-holds-barred outburst, Nani revealed how:

•He has felt the withering force of Fergie’s infamous hairdryer rage.

•He is frustrated at being omitted from big-game starting line-ups.

•He believes promises have not been kept.

Nani also admitted that Fergie’s selection policy has left him baffled and his confidence shot to pieces.

He insists he has no plans to leave United, though it remains to be seen what Fergie thinks after this stunning flare-up.

In an interview with Portuguese newspaper ‘I’, Nani said: “Ferguson is a very complicated man.

“He’s tough. If things are all right, then they are all right. But when he thinks something is wrong, everything is screwed.

“He can go from complimenting you to just plain trashing you in a matter of minutes. Has it happened to me? Hell, yes! He’ll say ‘Nani, how could you miss this or this’?”

At least the winger accepted that Red Devils legends such as Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville also get it square in the neck from a fair Fergie.

He added: “He shouts at players in front of everyone. No one escapes, everybody is the same. Giggs and Neville suffer most, because they have more experience. It is ‘F**k’ here and ‘F**k’ there.”

In the past, Ferguson has ruthlessly ditched players who spoke out of turn.


Credit: Dailyguideghana

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