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Health Alert: Microwave and the cancer scare

_microwavesA nutritionist, Mrs Irene Boate, on Thursday advised that the use of microwaves should be minimised to help reduce the rate of cancer infections.

“When the heat from the microwave that warms the food enters the body, the wave locates in the liver, breast or any part it could find and cause cancer later in life”, she explained.

Mrs Boate, who was speaking at a two-day training workshop for about 60 members of the Indigenous Caterers Association of Ghana (ICAG) also known as chop bar operators, consequently advised that food could be warmed “only for a minute in the microwave” and not longer than that.

The workshop, being organised by the Pro-Image Consult, a public education and human development agency, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, is to train the operators on Customer Service, Hygiene, Regenerative Health and Nutrition, Food Preservation and Healthy cooking as well as lifting the standards of chop bar operation.

Mrs Boate also advised the operators not to overcook, over boil, over-steam and overheat food in order to preserve the nutrients for healthy development for the over 85 percent of the population who patronise their meals.

In a speech read for Dr Benjamin Kunbour, the Health Minister nominate, lauded the training and said it would help educate the women on how to prepare better meals to feed the populace and to ensure that people enjoyed healthy meals for good health.

“This workshop will teach you how to fortify the meals you prepare to make it nutrient-rich foods’, he added. Dr Kunbour appealed to the operators to make healthier menu items a daily practice to help reduce the disease burden in the country to save lives, increase productivity and wealth.

Mrs Edith Addo, President, ICAG, appealed to the government to assist members with more of such training and exchange programmes to enable them learn and master the art of cooking.

Mr Nathaniel Nsarko, Chief Executive Officer, Pro-Image Consult, expressed the hope that stakeholders like the Ghana Tourist Board (GTB), Food and Drugs Board (FDB), the ministries of Food and Agriculture and Health, would collaborate to regularly organise such programmes for the operators.

Who play major role in feeding the nation to reduce the disease burden and death rates in the country. In fraternal messages, the FDB and GTB urged the operators to keep hygienic surroundings and use fresh food items to prepare their meals.

Mr Kofi Adusei, Programme Manager, Regenerative Health and Nutrition, MOH also advised operators to ensure that they served the people good food to enable them serve the nation.

Source: Modernghana

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