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Irene Logan’s Runaway Video Disappoints

Iren Logan

Ooh man ! Was expecting something really big. All knowledgeable in music and it’s production would testify of the quality of the song; “Runaway”. In fact even those with little or no knowledge in music can tell how refined it sounds. Runaway is a world class R&B/Soul song; very simple, easy to learn and yet catchy, impressive and classy.

For a long time, Ghanaian Music Lovers and fans of Irene Logan and Asem looked forward to a video of the hit song. Several months a ago we caught wind of a video being shot, however, after the shoot it took forever for the video to come out but as they say its better late than never. Finally, the video was released, first release point was facebook. When I heard of it, I quickly logged on to watch; not expecting magic but a deserving video for a great song. Unfortunately, I got what I would call my greatest disappointment of the year.
So I Clicked play again just to be sure my eyes were not deceiving me.Then I saw some sticks that looked like sticks of inscence giving off some kind of smoke, it looked good. Miss Logan who’s supposed to be wanting to runaway then came,relaxing in the sofa and was joined by some “beautiful ladies” and seemed to find a lot of comfort where she was. By my estimation, that was not what the song said at all.This scene lasted over a minute then Asem came in on a “blue screen” speaking to Irene. To my surprise, Irene was smiling gladly.

hmm, I’m not a music video director, but “THIS” is not what I expected even as a music fan, especially an Irene Logan fan.

Well the rest of the video is really nothing much.There’s no mood change, Asem also relaxes in some sofa, then Irene comes sitting in some chair with some effects around.

Not that the video is generally bad or anything;No, not at all.But we expected it to be just as good as the song was, the video is a disappointment. Sorry Irene. But a spade is a spade, not a big spoon. You might want to consider re-shooting!

If Kabilla’s Video is going to follow the same trend then I guess you should save your money, we will stick to the song.

Click t view the video

Credit: pinnaclegh

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