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Soldiers Strip 2 Men Naked


Major Gen Adinkrah

Major Gen Adinkrah

Residents of a suburb of strife-torn Bawku in the Upper East region were yesterday stunned when soldiers, upon the orders of a certain Captain Frank, the Officer Commanding a detachment of soldiers from the Airborne Force in Tamale, stripped two men naked and paraded them along the streets.

Eyewitnesses said the two persons were paraded through the streets from the Bawku Hospital to the Central Police Station several metres away. The spectacle caused anger among the residents as some of them risked their lives to seek a reversal of the action of the soldiers.

A certain driver of the Bawku Hospital whose name was given as Yakubu Amandi aka Ogbomosho, who protested against the action, received some beating upon the orders of Captain Frank, who is gradually gaining notoriety in the conflict-prone town.

The mother of one of the naked men, a nurse, who rushed to the scene to protest also against the obscene spectacle, was pushed aside by the soldiers who asked her to let them do their work. One of the stripped men, who suffered a bullet wound in the last bout of indiscriminate shooting, had his injury hit several times by one of the soldiers.

A certain Military Intelligence Officer was said to have rushed to the scene and moved the two naked men to the Police Station. The two persons, whose names would not be disclosed by the authorities for security reasons, were suspected of being among those who engaged in a fresh bout of indiscriminate shooting yesterday.

Thirty four rounds of ammunitions were said to have been retrieved from them during a search by military personnel. One of the men was said to have been spotted in a camouflage-looking jacket and thereby attracted the soldiers who apprehended him.

The other had a bandage around the wound on his left hand which he said was sustained when he was hit by a stray bullet during the November 2, 2009 shooting incident. Yesterday’s shooting incident, according to local residents, began when some unidentified men wanted to shoot a man on his farm but missed their target, causing chaos in a nearby school, Asaniya Islamic School, a predominantly Kusasi area.

Some of the scared kids rushed to inform their parents about the shootings, whereupon fear spread throughout the community. The two persons being held, according to another story, were on a motorbike when the soldiers arrested them after the shooting.

There was an attempt to stop the soldiers from hitting the man with the bandage around his wound by some angry residents. The Bawku Municipal Police Commander, DSP Cashman Blewushi, confirmed the arrest of the two persons and gave the assurance that more policemen would be deployed to the strife-torn area to restore normalcy. The action of the patrol team has attracted the anger of the public who described it as barbaric.

Source: dailyguideghana

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