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Katawere Turns Security Officer




EBENEZAR YAW Donkor, known in the movie industry as Katawere, is one of Ghana’s favourite actors who people, especially children, like to see and listen to. He always puts smiles on every sad face with his appearances in movies.


Most of his movies are characterized by comedy and a large number of Ghanaians, home and abroad, prefer to watch him to offload their stress.

His magnificent interpretations of roles in movies are so flamboyant that fans are always ready to spend money on his movies.Katawere, who has featured in so many movies with seasoned stars like Agya Koo, Akrobeto, Kyeiwaah, Ice Kenkey and a host of others, is out with a new movie titled ‘Katawere In America’.Ghanaian movie enthusiasts who are in love with Katawere’s movies really need to watch this movie.

‘Katawere In America’ is a story of Ebenezer Yaw Donkor, aka Katawere, who escapes to the United States after he selling the property of his late sister, without the consent of the family.

In the States, Katawere secures a job with a reputable establishment as a security officer.

The son of the deceased, Ice Kenkey, in his quest to seek justice engages the services of a friend who also assists him to travel to the States to track down Katawere.

Ice Kenkey, who has no place to lay his head, is faced with the biggest test of his life as he approaches Katawere for assistance.

Katawere successfully dupes Ice Kenkey and returns to Ghana to escape his wrath.

Ice Kenkey, having been cheated, returns home to fight Katawere with the support from his girlfriend, Vicky Zugah.

Whether justice will prevail or the powers of the intimidating reign, grab a copy of the movie to find out.


Credit: dailyguide

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