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From Jane to Miss Jane to Efya in 1 year



The practice of artistes changing their name is not a new one in the world music scene. Even in Ghana, the concept is not exactly foreign. For instance Kojo Antwi now called Kojo has changes his name several times. When he first started his solo carer he was referred to as as Julius Kojo Antwi, then Kojo Antwi, years on it changes to Quojo Quojo and now he would put Kojo out on his albums.

Opiestie Esther first came out as Ohemaa Esther, Richie Rich came out as Richie, Samini was referred to as Batman. All in all changing names is a common phenomenon. However if an artiste in a spate of a year changes her name three times then you begin to wonder exactly what the case is.

For Jane Awindor that has been the case. In a very short period she has changed her name three time thus you begin to ask yourself if it is the case commonly referred to as “identity crisis”. Usually an artiste picks a name that will be consistent with the image he/she is trying to build. I wonder want image Efya formerly. Miss Jane formerly Jane Awindor is trying to build for her self with her recent name change. Well this is what she had to say:

“Efya is my name. It’s who I am and who I’ve always been, but I needed to be ‘Miss Jane’ in order to discover Efya. I’ve found out what kind of music I want to do now. The ‘Jane’ from ‘Irene and Jane’ is over; that time was for us to grow in the music industry, to know the right things to do. We spent three years working hard and now I can stand on stage and do a whole one hour performance by myself and it’s because I went through that training process. Efya is ‘Miss Jane’ evolved.”

Well, we hope she will not make any new discoveries.

Credit: modernghana

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