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Wife Sues Aggudey


George Aguddey

George Aguddey

Mrs. Florence Nardu Aggudey, wife of the flagbearer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) in the 2004 general elections, has dragged her husband, George Opesika Aggudey, to court for allegedly siphoning huge amounts of money from Gocrest Security, of which she is a 50 percent shareholder.

According to her, Aggudey used the company’s funds to buy for himself a fleet of luxurious cars and also finance his extravagant lifestyle. Wife of the Gocrest Security boss, who has sued him at an Accra Fast Track Court, Commercial Division, also accuses him of diverting the company’s funds to buy landed properties in Accra and elsewhere while she wallows in poverty.

According to her, Mr. Aggudey neither answers her calls nor replies the letters she writes him, adding that her husband has blocked all means of communication between them for four years now.

Madam Aggudey consequently wants an order tracing the recovery of all properties wrongfully acquired by her husband, using company funds and an order for the refund of all monies wrongfully diverted or siphoned from the company’s coffers, together with interest.

In a writ of summons filed by Ken Brookman-Amissah and Associates, her lawyers, dated August 6, 2009, the plaintiff, Mrs. Aggudey, noted that the former CPP flagbearer has unilaterally relocated the administrative offices of the company to his residence.

She noted that she and Aggudey are a married couple, founding members and shareholders as well as first directors of Gocrest Security Company, with each holding 50% of the equity capital.

The plaintiff stated that Mr Aggudey moved the company from Adabraka to Kokomlemle where he presently resides, assuming full control of Gocrest and sidelining her. Mrs Aggudey was of the opinion that her estranged husband has refused to disclose to her any accounts of his management with Gocrest or business contracts entered into with the company.

Furthermore, the plaintiff noted that the defendant, to the best of her knowledge, has never held any Annual General Meeting of Gocrest since its inception; neither has he ever invited her to attend any board meeting of the company.

The plaintiff observed that her husband has refused to involve her in the management of Gocrest and gives her a monthly salary of GH¢2,000, part of which she uses to pay utility bills of the company’s business as it still partly operates from where she lives.

She accused her husband of paying himself huge undisclosed salary to finance his affluent and extravagant lifestyle. In addition, she said she also spends part of the salary to foot other corporate bills.

Mrs. Aggudey is also of the view that the affairs of the company are being conducted by the plaintiff in a manner oppressive to her and in wrongful regard for her proper interest as member shareholder of the company.

Explaining further, she stated that the conduct of her husband was not only burdensome, harsh and wrongful, but also lacks probity and fair dealing to her as member, adding that the defendant has a clear intention to continue running the affairs of Gocrest to her total exclusion unless the court intervenes.

The wife of Aggudey also wants an order for evaluation of the net worth of Gocrest, with the view of determining the value of her shareholding and an order for the payment of all profits, dividends or income accruing to her since the inception of the company among others.

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