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Papa Owusu-Ankoma commends Mills


Papa Owusu Ankomah

Papa Owusu Ankomah

The New Patriotic Party Member of Parliament for Sekondi in the Western Region, Hon. Papa Owusu-Ankoma, has praised the National Democratic Congress government for upholding rule of law in the 10 months of administering the country.

According to the MP, who is also a former Attorney General and Minister of Justice during the NPP administration, the level of governance in Ghana is better as compared to that of other African countries. “Though I have some reservations about methods, rule of law is working in Ghana,” he asserted.

“Personally, I believe that given time, the Atta Mills-led government will be able to deliver and I hope they may be able to deliver from next year,” he insisted. Speaking to the press during the Constituency elections at Sekondi, Hon. Papa Owusu-Ankoma said though the NDC government made some initial mistakes as if they were still in the campaign mood, what has happened so far shows that governance is not an easy task. He recalled what he termed the bold decision of the NPP government to go HIPC in 2001 and faulted the current government for not taking any concrete decision so far that will take the country out of the economic doldrums, saying there is a difference between rhetoric and performance.

To him, real act of governance requires courage and boldness, insisting that every government takes over a country as it finds. “We are not interested in who caused what, but how you solve that problem is what people are looking for,” he said, and charged the NDC to fix the economy and stop the blame game.

The MP also recalled the noise the NPP made about the Presidential jet which they later sold, saying that it has caused the party a lot because there was no wrongdoing in its purchase. He therefore asked the NDC to learn from the mistakes of the NPP and stop the hullabaloo about the Presidential Palace and the Ghana @ 50 probe and rather focus on the mandate given them since the facts are known to all Ghanaians.

Speaking to the delegates earlier, Papa Owusu-Ankoma said if the NPP had not gone into opposition, many people would not have believed that is had worked well while in government.

He pleaded with them to accept the current position and learn from what happened. He praised the supporters for attending the conference in their numbers, promising to increase the 5,000 vote margin with which he won the constituency parliamentary set to 6,000 in 2012. He said the NPP accepted the 2008 election results in good faith because Ghanaians deserve to live in freedom.

“NPP as a party understands democracy,” he said, and assured that NPP has something good for Ghana: though we are all human.” Meanwhile, all the four constituencies in the metropolis, namely Takoradi, Effia-Kwesimintsim, Essikado-Ketan and Sekondi had their elections with mixed results. While most of the executives retained their positions, others lost theirs.

Source: modernghana

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