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Government to revamp Suhum Garment Factory

garmentA garment factory at Suhum, abandoned for four decades, is to be resuscitated to help create jobs for the youth and ease unemployment.  It will also be sued as a training centre to give the youth employable skills to reduce migration to cities for non-existing jobs.

The DCE for Suhum-Kraboa-Coaltar, Samuel Fleischer-Kwabi, disclosed this in an interview with Radio Ghana at Suhum in the Eastern Region.  Other the employable skills to be offered to the youth are welding, blocklaying concreting and livestock production.

Mr. Fleischer-Kwabi said the assembly will collaborate with the central government to ensure that its economic dreams are fulfilled. He said it is also in constant touch with another company in Tema to get it to set up its firm at Suhum.

He said by the strategies position of Suhum, the town should have been better developed than its current state. He attributed it to the lack of industrial and economic activities that could lead to improved living conditions of the people.  Mr. Fleischer-Kwabi promised to use his term of office to bring development to Suhum and its surrounding towns.

Source: GBC

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