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Love turns sour for Edem and Confidence



Edem and Confidence

If hip life artiste Ayigbe Edem, real name Denning Edem Agbeviadey, had his own way, he would have loved to quietly break up with his girlfriend of seven months, Confidence Haugen, the bubbly proprietress of Aphrodisiac Night Club in Accra.


Like it says in the song, ‘Let’s just kiss and say Goodbye’, the affair between the two Ghanaian celebrities would have ended on a very quite note. But things don’t always turn out the way people wish. So today, Ayigbe Edem is struggling to come to terms with allegations of stealing a mobile phone worth $14,000 from his ex-lover.

In the company of his Executive producer, Edward Nana Poku Osei (Hammer of the Last Two), whose record label Ayigbe Edem is signed on, the artiste walked into the offices of Showbiz early last Tuesday to debunk the allegation of theft leveled against him in some sections of the media. Spokesperson, Hammer told Showbiz how it all started between the two. “Confidence took a liking to Edem about seven months ago.

They became lovers until she began to behave in a somewhere overbearing manner and Edem began feeling the heat. As time went on, Edem’s schedule and activities slowed down because he was spending most of his time with her. “We had another problem with her interference with the activities of the company by joining us for shows which I believe she did because she didn’t trust women around Edem. Matters got worse and Edem told me he couldn’t stand her anymore and that it was over.

That was about three months ago”. Edem, who had been very calm throughout the time Hammer was speaking, occasionally nodding in approval of what his Executive Producer was saying added his bit to the story. “She sent me text messages after we had broken up asking that we get back together and followed them up with phone calls all in a bid to get me back but I was not interested because I had made up my mind that it was over between us”. “An incident that put me off was when we went for the Aboakyer festival in Winneba in May this year. She followed me as she always did and we used her car.

After my performance and on our way back to Accra, she complained that she could not find her phone.” All the cars we used for that trip were searched but the phone was not found. We went straight to Aphrodisiac from Winneba and more hands came on board to search for the phone which she said cost $14,000”. Ayigbe Edam continued, “two months after we had broken up and she had tried many months to get us back together without success, the issue of the missing phone came up again and she said the reason we broke up was because I stole her phone.

I also heard rumours in town to that effect. Edem said he was convinced that Confidence was accusing him because it’s over between them, “she wants us back and I don’t want to, that’s it. Showbiz contacted Confidence for her side of her story and although she agreed to an interview at her plush Dzorwulu-based Aphrodisiac Night Club, she changed her mind when Showbiz got there. She would not answer any question except to say, “this is a private matter and I would like it to remain as such. I would appreciate it if the media does not take this up because it is a clear case of someone trying to tarnish my image. I wish the press will respect my privacy”.

Credit: Ghanaweb

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