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What’s Ohemaa Mercy cooking?



Ohemaa Mercy

After two consistent hit albums it is only natural that fans and Christian Music lovers keep knocking at her door for yet another album.


Over the last few month fans of Ohemaa Mercy and music enthusiasts have not failed to ask in the media and all other available platform when the Gospel Music Guru will be releasing her third album. If you are one of such individuals here is your answer:After an extensive tour of US, Italy, Holland, Germany France, Spain, Switzerland and Canada, Ohemaa Mercy has been in the studios working on her third album. A source close to the diva revealed that all the songs were ready and that Ohemaa was only putting finishing touches and preparing for a release soon.

Mercy is coming out bigger than her previous albums. Her performances on various stages after her return from her tour may be an indication of how battle ready she is. In an unprecedented move, the diva has recorded songs in English and these songs will be on her impending album.

Ohemaa Mercy last performances were on Adom Praise, a yearly Gospel Concert put together by Adom Fm last month and the Kwame Nkrumah Birthday Bash at the independence square where she got the crowed charged and dancing.

In a Chat with the Star as to what to expect on her forthcoming album, She said “the lord is doing it again” She also said she was enjoying what she is doing this year for one reason; that the lord has been with her and she felt his presence everywhere she worked. Asked when specifically the album was due, she said Ghanaians and her funs should wait patiently because the messages are for them and they will be blessed by this years album soon.

Credit: Ghanaweb

  1. giovanni
    November 16, 2009 at 4:07 am

    Ohemaa Mercy.

    I really like your music is passionate, as are Italian esprime.io live Ingerman your music the conscious trams a nice nice girl.
    I do not know how I need to express, but I will do better, I can not speak or write English, but translation trams thanking God that you have these things. I ask you how can I do, I’m in love with a girl in Ghana, we know trams Internet are always attacked the Yugoslavian, which vaults are 5 / 6 hours chaten, but We gave ourselves the chance to see, I do not know if true love or a game, your name is Alie Wolfgang to 32 years, now I do not know and if the real name, but does nothing to that, she always sends me the pictures I only see the photos, isa beautiful woman, Alice says that he loves me, but I think I do not know how to say, if God exists because does not help us to make a miracolo.Noi us know by September, Alice tells me that it is not love is being in Ghana, vorrebe come Ingerman, but the possibility is not there, Alice is always praying that one day will be a miracle that we can meet, she always cries does not sleep well at night, always thinking how to come, but it is a road, as we can we meet, I would be happy if you could make a hard top, two lovers who live very far, but there will be no end for this love, that you will always have internet so trams contatto.Sarebbe nice if Ms. Ohemaa Mercy if you could make a song dedicated to those in love, I would be happy if cisar a possibility. I thank you with afetto and heart.

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