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Van Vicker’s new passion



Van Vicker

Actor, Joseph Van Vicker has revealed in an interview with Drive Time host Bola Ray that he is currently into directing and production of movies.

According to the smooth-talking actor, he has always loved to be behind the cameras, saying “I know acting is a career but it has got a span, it can never go on for life, but if you are a director or a producer, it has got a longer span compared to acting.”


He has produced and directed two movies so far. The first – ‘Friday Night’ – was been released six months ago. The second one, he says, will be released February next year.This move, he said, does not mean he wants to quit acting.

“I am still acting full-time but I want to be in the limelight when it comes to directing and I don’t want it to be late.”Van Vicker has featured in countless movies, both in Ghana and Nigeria, making him one of the most famous actors.The star says it is really difficult being popular and staying focused as well. “It’s really tough being in the lime light. It’s a matter of staying focused and staying the same and not letting it get into your head.

…I believe in being as humble as possible because it’s an amazing thing for me to be huge, but yet, be so humble…[Being a star] has got advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages outweigh the advantages…. ” he said.

Van Vicker – The Global Citizen, as he calls himself – says he is Ghanaian, Liberian and Dutch.

Born in August 1977 in Liberia, Van Vicker’s mom is a Ghanaian from Elmina in the Central Region whilst his father is Dutch. 

He is a ‘quiet’ product of Mfantsipim – 1995 year group – and was the Grounds and Academics prefect.

He is married to Adwoa and has three kids. He describes her wife as a wonderful woman who has been very supportive in all his endeavours, especially when it comes to acting.

One-time Hitz Video host on TV3, a character in Sun City on GTV, Van Vicker had his first movie appearance in ‘Devine Love’ produced by Venus Films. His only formal training in the movie arena was recently when he went to the New York Film Academy where he had a four-week training. 

Van does not think the Ghanaian movie industry is ‘dying’ as perceived by some people, “…it has gone to a different level for the past three to four years. It’s better now, it is recognised worldwide. I don’t think it’s dying…”

He also thinks Ghanaian movies are now penetrating the Nigerian movie market, “…I think we are penetrating their (Nigerian) market. It started with the late Kwame Owusu Ansah…now Van Vicker, Nadia Buari, Jackie Appiah, Majid Michel, Nana Ama Mac Brown are now going there too. The number keeps increasing.”

Asked if he will feature in a ‘porn’ movie, Van was quick to respond in the negative, saying, “I am not ready for a ‘porn’ movie but maybe later. Playing nudity in Ghollywood and Nollywood is out of the question. If it’s a Hollywood movie, it still depends on the way it’s done. If it’s done professionally and it’s not supposed to look like porn.”

He added that he knows it’s tough for her wife when it comes to some of the roles he plays in most of his movies, “If my wife gets jealous at any point, I will understand because if I were in her shoes, I will be jealous. I am totally with her when such issues come up and we talk about it.”

Van agreed that whiles most Ghanaian movies are easily ‘predictable’, there are equally good ones out there.

He advised people not to get into the movie industry because of fame and money. You should go into it because you have the passion and potential for it.

“Examine and re-examine yourself to be sure that that is what you really want to do,” he cautioned.

Credit: Ghanaweb

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