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NDC Youth threaten to kill DCE

NDC LogoThe life of the District Chief Executive of Sekyere East District of Ashanti Kwadjo Addai is in danger as some activists of his own party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have openly vowed to kill him.

Hon. Addai was said to have attracted the wrath of his party men at the Effigyase Zongo for not bending to their wishes because in their estimation it was through their efforts that that the NDC won last year’s general elections. Last week, some irate Muslim youth at Effigyase attacked and vandalized the office of the Sekyere East District Assembly.

Led by the Effigyase chairman of the NDC, Mallah Allah, the Muslim youth stormed the District Assembly offices with clubs, knives and cutlasses and destroyed several properties worth thousands of Ghana Cedis.

As if that was not enough, the enraged youth and their chairman broke into the office of the DCE, brought out his computers and other gadgets and destroyed them, shredded all documents in his office and sprayed his office with palm oil.

They also ran their well sharpened knives into the tyres of the District Information Service van that was parked in front of the Districts office. The leader of this barbaric operation, Mallah Allah openly told journalists that they would have killed the DCE, who was attending a meeting in Kumasi, if they had ‘caught him in his office’.

The Effigyase Moslems are said to be contesting some two other bodies over a parcel of land in the center of the town which used to serve as a cemetery. The issue was taken to court and ruled that none of the groups should bury on the land for the next 20 years.

However upon assuming office, Hon. Addai sought for an amicable settlement and later suggested that the said land be shared among the various contenders to enable all parties get access to a portion of the land for burial purposes. The decision by the DCE, TODAY gathered greatly infuriated the Muslims who thought they had been betrayed by their own party man hence their attack on the District Assembly.

“It was because of this land that’s why we did everything possible for the party to win the elections, so if you have become the DCE you must not betray us”, Mallah Allah said angrily. “He was lucky we didn’t meet him in his office, we would have killed him because we can’t condone such a betrayal. How can he expect us to share the same cemetery with non-Muslims”, the NDC Chairman charged.

Meanwhile sources close to the DCE, who is coincidentally the chairman of the District Security Council say he is in a dilemma as to whether he should compromise his security responsibilities and bow to pressures by high-profiled NDC party functionaries who have resolved to solve the impasse amicably to let the man who openly threatened to take his life go free, or get him to face the full rigours of the law.

The source also said personnel of the Buffalo Unit who decided to arrest the irate Muslims who by their actions could be charged with disturbance of public peace and destruction to public and state properties were ordered by this same high-profiled party functionary not to arrest anybody because of the of the implication that such an action would have on the ruling party government.

Hence for almost one week after their destruction, none of irate youth, including the Effigyase NDC chairman who led the barbaric action had been arrested.

Source: modernghana

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