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“Big Men” at the Presidency frustrated me – Kofi Wayo


Kofi Wayo

Kofi Wayo

Charles Kofi Wayo, a Board Member of the Energy Commission is claiming that some “big men” at the Presidency frustrated his efforts to secure crude oil for Ghana at very cheap rates.

The Maverick politician says the Minister of Energy, Dr Joseph Oteng Adjei and the Board Chairman of TOR, refused to secure him a Bank guarantee for the transaction despite a directive from President John Mills to that effect.

Mr Wayo claims he had earlier secured 33, 200 barrels of crude for TOR on July 23, as proof to the President that he could secure larger cargos at cheaper rates monthly for the Refinery. He however alleged that his efforts were crippled by some officials in Government who felt threatened that the President’s confidence in him could amount to blocking their corrupt means of making money in the oil industry.

“I brought them oil and then the president authorized them to give me a guarantee. Instead of giving me the guarantee, they took that authority and went to do their own business with Sahara…I know they would fight Atta Mills if he wants to deal with me because they want their bribes, they are used to it and I know they are not prepared to give it up,” he said.

Mr Wayo, who claims he lost about 500,000 dollars in bringing in the 33,200 barrels of oil for TOR alleged that the Energy Minister and Management of the Refinery sidelined him in favour of Sahara Oil despite the President’s directives that the two officials secure a bank guarantee for him to facilitate his efforts to secure crude for the country at very cheap rates.

“They lied to the President and gave the guarantee to Sahara so they can make some money when I had another ship there ready to come in and give them oil at a cheaper cost,” he said. Kofi Wayo claims he has been selling crude oil to Nigeria for the past fifteen years and therefore his experience puts him in the right position to help TOR solve its problems.

“Nigeria has over two million barrels of crude oil but they line up for petrol. I have been selling products to them for almost fifteen years now. I have all the experience to help my country but they don’t want to deal with me,” he lamented.


Source: Ghanamma

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