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Ayigbe Edem acused of theft!




One of the nations up and coming hiplife stars, Ayigbe Edem has found himself in a scandal which has the potential of destroying his public image if it is not handled properly.

Information reaching the P&P indicates that the CEO of Aphrodisiac Night Club in Accra, Madam Confidence is allegedly accusing the young musician of stealing her mobile phone which is estimated at Fourteen thousand dollars.


P&P gathered that Ayigbe Edem was accused of stealing the phone from Confidence’s car when the two in the company of others went to perform at the ‘Aboakyere’ festival at Winneba in the Central region a few months ago. It is alleged that when Confidence detected the said theft and confronted the musician who was the only one with her in the vehicle at the time, he denied taking it. However, his vehement denial did not convince his accuser.

Though Edem himself could not be reached for his comment on the alleged theft scandal, a source close to him told P&P that Confidence was peeved by the fact that the musician who once dated her had walked out of the relationship. The source argued that though the alleged missing phone was detected several months ago, Confidence decided to make an issue out of it only when Edem decided to stop going out with her. “Confidence is angry because Edem has stopped dating her. She is only out to drag his name in the mud. What does Edem need her phone for?” the source queried. What is the secret between Edem and Confidence?

Credit: Ghanaweb

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