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Money Swine at SSNIT…..as Directors shared among themselves

ssnitMr. Kwasi Boateng the current Director General of SSNIT, has ordered payment of about six hundred and sixty thousand Ghana Cedis to the former Director General, Mr. Akwesi Osei.

Sources close to this paper revealed that the staff of SSNIT are angry with the action taken by the current Director Mr. Kwasi Boateng, saying this amounts to a system in which those at the top only get the bigger shares.

Inside source also indicated that Mr. Kwasi Boateng has already paid his predecessor a total of GH¢497.000 as End of Service Benefits {ESB} for the eight years that he served as the Director General of SSNIT in addition to a payment of GH¢166,000 as social security benefits.

Rev. Osei Bimpong, Public Relation Officer of SSNIT, in an interview with this reporter commended Mr. Kwasi Boateng the current Director General of SSNIT for approving the ESB and other entitlements to the previous Director General, even though some members of staff argued that the approval did not pass through the proper channel.

On the other hand the staff insisted that there are no receipts or documentation to show how the Director General Mr. Kwasi Boateng came out with the whooping figures of ESB.  It was also discovered by this paper that SSNIT Standard Chartered account at a time when the Board of SSNIT is not working.

Some of the staff revealed that the former Director General Mr. Charles Asare who was asked to vacate his post by the administration was paid an ESB of GH¢ 3,500 for the eight-year period.

Interestingly PNDC law 247 now Act 766 which talks about social security contributions, where you have to declare how much was contributed over a period of time before calculations are done. But some of the staff said, in the case of the formal Director General Mr. Akwasi Osei, no such procedural was taken, and nobody knows how much money he contributed before he was allowed to go away with such a huge amount of money, And some of the staff accused him that they have never seen any document shows how much the formal Director contributed.

Source: modernghana

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