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Reggie Rockstone calls for rap battle



Reggie Rockstone

Just when the seeming hiplife feud between Okyeame Kwame and Obrafour was starting to die down, the originator of hiplife, Reggie Rockstone has fuelled the dying embers by suggesting that Okyeame should do a reply song to Obrafour’s ‘Kasiebo’.


Speaking on TV3 Spotlight, Reggie said as part of the hiphop culture, which is supposed to be part of hiplife, if Okyeame Kwame does not reply to the song; it would dent his career and credibility. He added that it would be good entertainment for him (Reggie) and all the young lovers of hiplife around the world if Okyeame hit hard back at Obrafour. The hiplife grandpapa also added that, Ghanaians are wise enough to differentiate between entertainment and real life, and that the feud would not boil over into a conflict of factions like it often happens in the US as some analysts seem to suggest.

According to Reggie, he would have replied if he was in the shoes of Okyeame just to show his rapping skills and to entertain his fans. He made references to Ex-doe and others calling him out in a similar fashion in his heydays but said he didn’t reply to them back then because it didn’t make commercial sense.

Reggie, who would soon be out with a new album titled ‘Registration’, described his new music as a more matured sound that reflects the gray in his beard. The album would infuse a variety of experimental beats with heavy expressions of life experiences and wisdoms. The album cover depicts a cocoa pod which according to the rap icon symbolizes the time to harvest the fruits of his hard work and dreams for hiplife over the years.

Meanwhile Obrafour has explained that he didn’t back out of the proposed battle with Okyeame Kwame on Joy FM’s Open House Party with DJ Black last weekend. Although Okyeame made it on the show, Obrafour was a no-show. Obrafour told Yaw Sakyi on the Rundown this week that if Joy FM wants him to battle Okyeame, then they should announce a 10,000 GhC prize money for the winner and he would be all game!

Credit: ghanaweb

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