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Quata Assulted by Ex Black Star Striker




Former Black Stars striker, Anthony “Tony” Yeboah could be finding himself wanting with the law after ushering a group of sturdy guys to physically attack hiplife artiste, “Quata” and his Natures Clue Entertainment crew at the premise of the Yegoala Hotel which evidently is owed by the ex-soccer star.

The episode which took place over the weekend was a fall-out of what was expected to be a “gigantic” stage concert put together by Anthony Yeboah and his business acquaintance after the management of the hotel had publicized on radio of the performances of “Quata” and his crew at the hotel.

According to a member of the Natures Clue Entertainment crew, the organizers of the side show could not generate the needed mass and therefore became halfhearted of fulfilling the promises made to the hiplife artiste and his crew who were also billed to perform with former Big Brother Africa housemate turned singer, Mimi Abu Adani who released her ‘Music in Me’ album over the weekend.

In an interview a member of the Natures Clue Entertainment threatened court action against the former Leeds United striker should he fail to pay the money due the crew. He said: “What happened there (Yegoala Hotel) was very embarrassing to “Quata” and the Natures Clue Entertainment crew because he (Tony Yeboah) made his PR get in touch with us to performance and we kept to our side of the deal.”

“Why therefore do you lead your boys to be a nuisance and assault us after your organized show became a flop? We only asked the organizers of the show to carry out their side of the deal since we also had to attend Mimi’s album launch that same evening,” he continued.

“All that we saw was Tony Yeboah, who came in the company of some guys walk to “Quata” and pushed him as hard on his chest with his hands as he kept screaming at him to leave the hotel premises. He continued this disgraceful act until an embarrassing scene was created.”

He added: “Quata is distressed and we are talking to our legal councils to deal with this unacceptable behaviour from people who are to be role models in society but rather tend to behave otherwise. We would take Tony Yeboah on and trust me; he would be brought down to earth when we are done with him.”


Credit: modernghana

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