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NPP left goodies for the Mills administration- Aliu Mahama


Aliu Mahama

Aliu Mahama

The former Vice- President of Ghana Alhaji Aliu Mahama says the NPP administration left behind a good foundation for a smooth take off for the Mills administration and cannot be blamed for the ‘woes’ of government.

“We know that we left office with a lot of goodies, with real high standards. If you look at the growth rate of our country and if you look at what we left behind which is 7.3 per cent of GDP is a remarkable achievement for anybody.

“We believe we have created a good foundation, a good base for them to take off,” Mr Mahama said in interview with Joy News. His views are at variance with comments by government spokespersons who have accused the erstwhile NPP administration for leaving behind a ‘broke’ economy.

But the former veep said the facts did not support such claims. Mr Mahama said the continued misinformation of a broke economy does not augur well for the country. “To say the economy is broke, nobody will want to say this. I think it is not a good picture for anybody especially our people outside and the international community who will want to show interest in our country.” He said the NPP will be singing a different song if it had inherited such an economy.


Source: Ghanamma

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