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Maritime Law For Ghana’s Oil And Gas Industry


Kofi Mbiah

Kofi Mbiah

The Management of Ghana Shippers Council, in collaboration with the Judicial Service of Ghana, has held a seminar to update judges of the superior courts on International Maritime Law and its implications on the country’s emerging oil and gas industry.

The seminar was under the theme: “Charter parties, Maritime Claims and Conflict, the work of the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) and Admiralty Jurisdiction in Ghana, having a bearing on Ghana’s emerging oil and gas.”   the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghana Shippers Council, said his outfit role in facilitating trade had become pertinent in recent times, especially during the discovery of oil and gas in Ghana.

“It is worth mentioning that the Ghana Shippers Council has designed new modes for the protection of shippers in the entire transport chain,” he added.

According to him, Ghana’s oil reserves were located about 64 kilometers offshore, adding that the exploitation of the oil and gas reserves was an essentially maritime event.  “Indeed there is a strong correlation between the exploitation of oil and gas and the ascendancy of the commercial disputes including construction, drilling, storage, transportation of oil and gas as well as issues of multiple sea conflicts.

“It has therefore become imperative that the judiciary is kept constantly abreast with developments in Ghana’s rig and drill policies, legislation as well as the commonly accepted rules of international commercial practices,” he stated.

In an address, Mike Hammah, the Minister for Transport, revealed that due to the issue of discovery of oil and gas in the country, it had become necessary for judges to equip themselves with the requisite legal regime for efficient exploitation as well as the management of the oil and gas issues.

Over 90 percent of Ghana’s International Trade Cargo, he noted, was transported by sea, stressing that the volumes kept rising. “There would be the need to create judicial environment that would support businesses and create wealth for Ghanaians.

“Ghana must also develop a strong and knowledgeable judiciary that will make it an attractive forum for the settlement of maritime disputes within the West Africa sub-region.”  Hon. Hammah made these remarks in view of the recently signed International Convection in Rotterdam.


Source: modernghana

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