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‘Hiplife is not dead’ – B-Nice




Since the creation of the ‘GH Rap’ phenomenon, the Ghanaian music scene has seen a stern breakthrough for many underground artists whose style perfectly fall in line with the ‘GH Rap movement’. US-based rapper, B-Nice ‘Kyenomame’ a.k.a Madson is one of such artistes.

He is young, dynamic, has a good sense of humour, and is not shy of controversy. There is always a little bit of controversy surrounding his lyrics and videos on the internet.


Currently studying in the US, B-Nice is seriously into Hiplife and Hiphop but professionally has been in the music industry for almost 3 years now. About a year ago, he released a mixtape which soon earned him online celebrity status with hits like ‘Maye De’ and ‘Ghana Naija Stand Up’. He is currently working on his new album which would feature artistes like, Kwaw Kese, Madfish, Bounty, Tuga Da Boss, Keche, Zizu and Danso Abaim. It is expected to be released by the end of this year.

Born as Kwaku Brew in Takoradi, B-Nice lived with the TH4 Kwages crew and so he was able to meet a couple of artistes like Castro who encouraged him to take his skills seriously. “I think the music industry in Ghana, has changed to a different level and I like the type of music I’m hearing nowadays. I think all the musicians in Ghana are doing well. I think my music would fit in because of the way many people comment about the kind of music I do. “

Although B-Nice likes to speak his mind through his music and comments on social network platforms such as FaceBook, he claims he has no beef with anyone and would have no beef until he has good reason. “I don’t have any “BEEF” with any artist right now. Nobody has done anything wrong to piss me off so I’m cool with everybody right now”.

B-Nice wants all of his fans to expect something new from him. “I want to prove to them that hiplife is not dead.”

Credit: ghanaweb

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