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Brazil tribe ‘finds downed plane’

PLANEAn Indian tribe in Brazil has found a missing military plane that disappeared over the Amazon region with 11 people on board, the Brazilian air force saidMembers of the Matis tribe told an Indian association they had found the plane that went missing on Thursday.

An air force statement said there were reports of possible survivors. The Cessna C-98 Caravan was carrying four crew members and seven health ministry workers involved in a vaccination campaign in the Amazon.

It issued a distress signal an hour after it left Cruzeiro do Sul in the Brazilian state of Acre at 0830 local time (1230 GMT). The air force had dispatched eight planes – including one with thermal sensors – as part of the search effort, but had failed to locate the plane by mid-day on Friday.

But members of the Matis tribe had told the National Indian Foundation (Funai) that they found the plane in a region of the Amazon jungle between the villages of Aurelio – of the Matis tribe – and Rio Novo – in the Muruga tribal area – near the Itui river.

The Brazilian military gave no word on how many people might have survived the crash, and there were no details on their condition. The Cessna was en route to Tabatinga, in the state of Amazonas, when it went missing. The cause of the crash is not known.

Source: BBC NEWS

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