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Spio Sinks In NDC Quicksand

Spio and NketiaEkwow Spio-Garbrah seems to be sinking deeper in a National Democratic Congress (NDC) quicksand, as the party cites him for breaching its rules on campaigning, threatening to crack the whip.

By this latest development, Spio could face sanctions by the party’s disciplinary body. Such an option could worsen the already bad schism existing between the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) and the party he has vowed not to be pushed out of, come what may.

Hints about a likely sanction against Spio was dropped when NDC General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia aka General Mosquito, in reaction to Tuesday’s press conference hosted by Spio, said he had violated party regulations on elections when he blatantly announced his intention to run for the Vice Chairmanship of the party.

The announcement by Spio, he said, was premature, especially since such intentions must be preceded by the branch elections of the party. Anybody who declares his intentions to run for national elections before the branch polls, he noted, is embarking on an illegality.

Johnson Asiedu Nketia cheekily asked Ekwow Spio-Garbrah to “present himself to the internet” for his concerns to be addressed, since he (Spio) claims he saw a copy of a letter purportedly inviting him for a meeting on the internet.

“…I was with President Mills at the 64th UN General Assembly when this issue came up … the National Chairman issued a statement calling on all parties to hold their fire, and at the appropriate time the matter would be addressed… then all of a sudden you jet down for a meeting … we did not invite him… he should have enquired from the party chairman about the so-called meeting… he claims it was on the internet … he should appear before the internet then… can you imagine someone presenting himself before a chief in the palace for an issue to be addressed, simply because he heard that the Chief was considering ways of resolving the issue?”

He said Spio might have different reasons for coming down to the country, adding, “If he had been invited by the party, the letter will state who he should report to and at what meeting he was invited to”, pointing out that the party will exhaust its disciplinary procedure and grievance resolution procedure without being dictated to.

Spio threw a stone into the hornet’s nest when he castigated the Mills’ presidency over a number of shortcomings in governance in an article in the Daily Graphic. Perceived to belong to the Rawlings and Nana Konadu power bloc in the NDC, readers of the Spio article found in it a subtle endorsement of ex-President Rawlings’ oft-rubbishing remarks of President Mills’ style of governance which he described as sluggish.

Spio made a similar remark as Rawlings when in his article, he referred to Mills’ appointees as belonging to Team ‘B’ following the footsteps of the ex-president’s description of the ministers as mediocre elements.

His remarks attracted vitriolic responses from the duo of Koku Anyidoho and Ato Ahwoi, both of whom sought to present him as a disgruntled personality who is aggrieved for failing to attract a Mills cabinet appointment.

As the exchanges raged, the NDC leadership called for a truce in a statement which pointed at a pending meeting to arrange a ceasefire. “I regret to say here today, after two weeks of staying in Ghana and waiting for an invitation at which any concern could be addressed, I have received no such invitation,” Spio told newsmen on Tuesday.

If Ghanaians were convinced that the arrival of Spio into the country was at the behest of the party leadership, they got it all wrong because General Mosquito said there had never been any such invitation to the man.

Source: dailyguideghana

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