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Spio-Garbrah to contest NDC Vice Chairmanship

Spio Garbrah

Spio Garbrah

Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Chief Executive Officer of the Commonwealth Telecommunication Organisation, on Tuesday announced his intention to contest for the National Vice Chairmanship slot of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the December Special Delegates Congress.

He said with the appointment of many NDC National Executive Officers as ministers of state, diplomats and government functionaries, “It is quite necessary for all who love the party to do what they can to strengthen the party to retain power in Election 2012”.

“It is because of my love for the NDC that is why I am presenting myself as one of the candidates for the National Vice Chairmanship slot.” Dr Spio-Garbrah announced this at a press conference to explain the rational for writing a recent article in the media, which had generated controversy and accusations from leading members of the party.

He explained that the article was written without malice but intended to help the NDC and Atta Mills administration to succeed in achieving their goals and objectives, and to fulfil the Election 2008 manifesto.

“The press conference is to clear the air on several unfortunate statements against me, which if left uncorrected would denigrate my hard-earned global reputation and obscure the purpose of the article, which was intended to strengthen the NDC, improve upon the government’s performance, and not to create any divisions within the party or the government,” he said.

Dr Spio-Garbrah who contested for the NDC Presidential slot in 2006, but lost to current President John Evans Atta Mills said the party was facing many challenges. “My sole aim is to help the party and government to succeed in achieving their goals and objectives and fulfil the Election 2008 manifesto.”

He claimed that for the past 10 months some leading party members in government had shown high level of intolerance of critical opinion. “If they continue this way they cannot expect too many. people to risk their reputations to assist in the task of nation building.”

Dr Spio-Garbrah condemned the tendency of some party and government officials to discriminate against NDC members because they are “friends of Spio,” or any other personality. The NDC Former Presidential Aspirant said “it takes many people to like various players or any team for that team to have a significant following. Let the government not also forget the hard sacrifices of the foot soldiers in its decision-making, especially in job opportunities, training, small loans allocation and scholarships”.

He debunked the notion that through the publication, he had washed NDC’s dirty linen in public, stressing, “as far as the party is concerned, I have not divulged any secret strategies or plans of the party that could be considered as washing dirty linen in public”.

“If there is a view that any dirty linen should be washed at home and indoors, and not in public, that is well and in order. I am happy to be called in due course to help wash it inside the house,” he stressed.
Source: GBC NEWS

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