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Kufuor Denies Allegations

J A KufuorFormer President Kufuor has denied all declarations levelled against him by his predecessor, Former President Rawlings, and says, he handed over power out of his own volition and in accordance with declared results by the Electoral Commission.

A statement issued by Frank Agyekum, Ex-President Kufuor’s Press Secretary, says, Ex- President Kufuor believes that constitutional rule is the best form of rule for any nation. “All my life l have been convinced that constitutional rule is the best form of rule for any nation. I have championed this course outside government and supported it even more whiles in government. Throughout my eight-year rule as President, it never crossed my mind to extend my stay in office, even a day longer.”

*This is in reaction to today’s publication on the website of Ghanaweb*, in which his predecessor, Former President Jerry Rawlings, is reported to have said at a forum in Munich, Germany, that: “ In the last Ghanaian election it had to take General Muktarr, an envoy of President Y’Adua of Nigeria to warn Kufuor of the dire consequence of stealing the election as he had done in 2004…”

This the statement described as a complete falsehood “ it is therefore never true that l was forced or persuaded by anybody from anywhere to hand over power at the end of my term as l was constitutionally mandated to do.”

The statement noted that “under former President Kufuor, Ghana-Nigeria relations reached its highest level of goodwill and co-operation ever” It further warns against any statements which could reverse this co-operaton, “it is hoped that nothing will be done to reverse it by unguarded statements”

Source: Ghanaweb

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