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Government to commence work on Accra Plains Irrigation Project


Veep John Mahama

Veep John Mahama

Government will soon commence work on the Accra Plains Irrigation Project, to cultivate more than 150,000 hectares to boost food security and ensure self-sufficiency, Vice President John Dramani Mahama said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a conference on Ghana’s Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), Vice President Mahama said the project would help government cut down on the huge food import bill and improve on farmers’ income.

It is estimated that the country currently spends more than one billion dollars to import food items such as rice and maize, which could easily be grown locally. Participants at the two-day conference will map up strategies for the development and growth of the agricultural sector in line with medium term plans for the next six years designed to take the country into self sustained growth.

The conference will also culminate in the signing of the country-led Ghana Compact by development partners, to support the country’s agricultural development. Vice President Mahama said the global food crisis should serve as a wake-up call to the country to harness both human and material resources to increase productivity and achieve self-sufficiency.

“It is in this direction that government is working to ensure the necessary investment into the sector to enhance employment and stem the rural urban drift through research and development and provision of extension services, especially in the rural area, “he said.

Vice President Mahama said government would also amend the Export Development and Investment Fund Law, to ensure that resources were made available for agricultural development. He said there were also plans to mobilise resources to improve on livestock production and promote aqua culture.

Vice President Mahama announced that about 500 bore holes would be dug to enhance irrigation through public-private partnership, to create jobs through value chain production and encourage the youth to participate in agriculture programme to help boost the country’s economy.

Mr Kwesi Ahwoi, Minister of Food and Agriculture, said the medium term development plan had elaborate programmes, targets, activities and strategic interventions in line with the six objectives of the government food and agriculture sector development policy.

He called on development partners to help the country to achieve food security to end hunger and reduce poverty. “We call for nothing less than a committed partnership, which will support Ghana and Africa to move forward in the right direction into higher path of economic growth through agriculture-led development, “he said.


Source: GBC NEWS

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