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‘Porno Man’ Grabbed At Ashaiman

porno_manAN ASHAIMAN resident who thought he could ‘get rich quick’ by sending photographs of himself and a lady having sexual intercourse to a buyer in Germany through the internet, has found himself in the grips of the law.

The Ashaiman Police have nabbed the 23-year-old man, Philemon Addy Buer Appah, and hauled him before court. The suspect, who is said to be a security guard, has since been nick-named ‘Porno Man’ by residents of the area after news of his alleged involvement in the pornography business spread in the community.

His victim, 22-year-old Christiana Sabbah, is unemployed and also a resident of the same area where the ‘Porno Man’ is believed to be living. She is alleged to have denied her involvement and explained that she was drugged by the accused person who subjected her to several rounds of sexual intercourse in different styles and directions.

The accused lives with his parents at Asenu Bar, a suburb of Ashaiman, while the complainant as well lives with her parents at Mexico Lane, also in Ashaiman. Briefing the court on the case, Chief Inspector Mary Assunta told the court that the complainant met the accused person while searching for a job in the area.

The accused person, according to the prosecutor, approached Christiana and told her that he could help her secure a job provided she was willing to do it. She continued that during the first week of October 2009, the accused met the complainant for the second time and informed her that he had secured a job for her and added that she first had to go with him to a certain manager’s house where details of her supposed job would be made known to her, mentioning the location of the said manager as Michel Camp near Ashaiman.

The complainant who was anxious to land a job, agreed to the accused person’s proposal and a date was fixed for them to meet the manager who was supposed to be Christiana’s new boss. The prosecutor further told the court that the accused, together with the complaint, within the same week went to a certain house at Michel Camp Area, where the accused was alleged to have offered Christiana a drink purported to contain a substance which made her drowsy.

The victim claimed she did not know what happened to her thereafter. Continuing with her narration, the prosecutor told the court that the accused, after giving her the drink, then fixed a video camera on a stand to record and started having sexual intercourse with her.

The accused further recorded all the number of sexual rounds that he had with his victim and made her also to perform different styles while filming the whole episode. The accused person was reported to have captured some of the scenes from the video recording and forwarded them as photographs to an un-named man in Germany for them to be posted on the internet in exchange for money.

The prosecutor added that a week later, the complainant’s younger brother who frequents an internet cafe in their area, after browsing for sometime, discovered pictures of a woman whom he identified as his elder sister and the accused person on a pornographic site.

Shocked, he quickly dashed home to inform his sister about his discovery at the cafe. The complainant, who at this time became worried, wasted no time in informing the Ashaiman branch of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU).

She was issued with a medical report form to visit the Tema General Hospital for further treatment and examination, after which she was to submit the result to DOVVSU to assist them in their investigations.

The accused person was arrested after thorough investigations and he admitted the offence in his caution statement. The police have since retrieved some of the pictures from the internet site where the German was suspected to have posted them, to tender in court during hearing. The accused person was after investigations charged with the offence.

Philemon Addy Buer Appah has been remanded in police custody to appear in court on a later date. Meanwhile, a source at the court has told DAILY GUIDE that the accused person is yet to benefit from the expected financial deal.

He disclosed that funds the German had promised Appah was yet to arrive in his new account, created for the purpose of remittances for the job.

Source: dailyguideghana

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  1. emma
    November 7, 2009 at 11:25 am

    the man shd be made to pay daerly. he is a beast

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