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National Identification System to resume next month

national idThe Acting Executive Secretary of the national identification Authority, (NIA), Dr. William Ahadzi says, the exercise will be of great benefit to the nation because it has a multi-purpose identity card.  

He said the National Identification system (NIS) began few years ago and in July last year, it had the Central, Western, Eastern and Volta Regions fully registered with the Greater Accra yet to begin its registration early next month.

Speaking to radio Ghana, Dr. Ahadzi explained the steps involved in the registration process.  He said the process has been divided into three phases.

The first phase involves the mass registration for eligible Ghanaians especially those residing abroad as well as non Ghanaian residents in the country.

He said beyond the mass registration is the biometric registration which involves collecting closer detailed information like address, location, sex, finger prints and a scan of the iris of the eye.

He said the third phase involves the production of identity cards.  It also involves feeding data into the server for processing as well as printing and distributing the identity cards.

Dr. Ahadzi also told Radio Ghana that by law all Ghanaians aged six years and above must register since the car will enable one to access public services and help reduce fraud among others.

Dr. Ahadzi stated clearly that the National identification system is different from population census because the population census occurs every ten years and done with a head count whiles the NIS is done with biometric information giving a clearer detail of a person.

He also said the NIA will get offices for continuous registration in the District.  He stated that it would be unnecessary for the electoral commission to repeat the biometric registration since that of the NIA can be used for voting.

Source: GBC NEWS

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