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Big Brother: Quinn, Kristal Evicted

QuinnSOUTH AFRICA’s Quinn and Zimbabwe’s Kristal were on Sunday evicted from M-Net’s reality super-series, Big Brother Revolution.

IK revealed the dramatic news to fans continent-wide during Sunday’s seventh consecutive live eviction show on Sunday October 25.

Their departure leaves 10 housemates in contention for the massive USD 200 000 prize, and with IK breaking the news to housemates at the end of the eviction show that the ‘Comrades-in-Arms’ twist is now over, they’ll be going all-out to win as individuals as the race for the grand prize heats up.

When IK took viewers into the house for Head of House Leonel to reveal who he had saved this week, the housemates held their breaths.

Leonel didn’t hesitate to announce he’d saved himself and Mzamo and put Kevin & Elizabeth up for eviction instead, which did not surprise Quinn and Kristal. Quinn had told Leonel earlier in the week that he wouldn’t mind if he nominated him, while Kevin and Elizabeth seemed quietly amused.

Leonel’s justification for his decision was that Kevin & Elizabeth are the favourites in the house which was borne out by Africa’s votes this week.
As tension grew, the Alexander Forbes representative handed IK the envelope and confirmed that the names inside reflected Africa’s votes.  

The housemates were all on the edge of their seats and when IK named Quinn & Kristal, they leapt from the couch as though they’d just won the game. They spent a little longer than their allotted 30 seconds saying goodbye to everyone, with Jeremy & Leonel flipping Quinn over in the garden one last time.

Joining IK on stage amidst thunderous cheers, Kristal’s excitement was replaced by tears as soon as she spotted her mother in the crowd, seated next to Quinn’s mom.

As she regained her composure, IK asked them both if they’d expected to be evicted this week.

Quinn had made it clear all week that he expected to leave, but Kristal said she knew it as soon as Leonel had revealed that they were up against Kevin & Elizabeth.

After viewing the highlights of his stay in the house, IK told Quinn that he would be leaving with USD2107 in his money pot, which would have been more if he hadn’t constantly broken house rules by inadvertently speaking isiZulu!

Stay tuned for more action as BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION is broadcast live 24/7 on DStv Channel 198 or 199 for the next 42 days. Also look out for highlights shows on M-Net (DStv channel 101/102) and AfricaMagic (DStv channel 114).


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