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There is no doubt about the ability and clout of Sarkodie. What started probably only as a fling and an exhibition of the normal human competitive spirit on Adom Fm’s Kasahare Level, then hosted by Dr. Duncan has become a career. Month after month Sarkodie has released hit after hit or has had his voice on a hit song.

Now Sakodie has an album and has become the toast of most hip life and rap lovers. Variously called the fastest rapper in Ghana, his name has gradually but surely been inscribed in the music books of Ghana. Indeed, with proper management, he is set to go places with his talent.

Unfortunately, what seems to be the case is the opposite of proper advisement and sound management. Before Dr. Duncan took him on and started Executive producing and managing this great talent. He has a track which was a reply to a song that had been done to “diss” him but because he had not gained the prominence he enjoys now it never became an issue.

Today, Sarkodie will do anything to gain some cheap popularity including getting involved in petty squabbles of some irresponsibility, child like artistes. Recently R2bees, released a song which rained insults on Asem for no apparent reason, unfortunately Sarkodie was a part of this.

Sarkodie must understand that artistes who are “dissed” also have fans and some may double as his fans and an attack on such artistes will variously affect him, his image and subsequently reduce his value as an artistes. Sarkodie should refrain from getting involved in all of this petty nonsense and concentrate on being the fine artistes he has become.


Credit: modernghana.com

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