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Power Play At Cape Coast

power playINFORMATION reaching DAILY GUIDE has revealed that the new magistrate court judge who was transferred to Cape Coast about three weeks ago and was prevented from occupying his bungalow by a circuit court judge, Madam Florence Otoo, has been transferred to an unknown destination.

According to DAILY GUIDE investigation, Madam Otoo has been assigned as the additional magistrate at the Cape Coast Magistrate court and is expected to preside over cases at the court on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

On Thursday, DAILY GUIDE learnt that Madam Otoo, who was dressed in her skirt-suit, stormed the court with two of her clerks and presided over cases at the court. The situation seems to be a surprise to many of the staff since Madam Otoo, in the course of the exchange of words in the presence of the Cape Coast Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Anthony Egyir-Aikins, boldly told the new magistrate that she “would show him that she is a Ga”.

The statement has actually materialized since the new magistrate has been transferred and is now waiting patiently to be informed of his new destination. Madam Otoo is also on relieving duties at the Cape Coast Circuit Court one since the presiding judge of the court is on leave.

In a telephone interview with the Central Regional Registrar of judicial service, Mr. Baidoo, to ascertain whether Madam Otoo has been assigned to sit as additional magistrate judge, he told this reporter that he was in Accra and that he could not comment on that.

It would be recalled that DAILY GUIDE on Tuesday published a story with the headline ‘Cape Coast Judges Fight Over Bungalows’ where a Circuit Court Judge, Madam Florence Otoo, vowed not to allow the new magistrate to occupy the magistrates’ bungalow.

The bungalow, according to DAILY GUIDE investigation, has remained a bungalow for magistrates since its inception. The situation led to the premature close down of the only magistrate court in Cape Coast for three days.

Information further indicated that the new magistrate, who was transferred to Cape Coast about three weeks ago, had been perching at a colleague’s boys’ quarters, waiting for Madam Otoo, who had also been transferred to Ejisu in the Ashanti Region, to leave for him to get proper accomodation.

This situation led to a misunderstanding between the two where the MCE had to intervene and in the process, Madam Otoo said she should be given that apartment so that the new magistrate can rent a place to stay.

All attempts to talk to Madam Otoo proved futile since she did not pick her phone. It would be recalled that last year, the chief justice, Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood, promised the people of Cape Coast an additional magistrate court since the only magistrate in the area was choked. The magistrate court later turned out to be a circuit court.

Source: dailyguideghana.com

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