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Photo Shoot With Malaika Ladies

malaika_ladiesAPART FROM being beautiful, elegant, eloquent and charitable, Miss Malaika 2009 must also be photogenic and marketable. She must be able to sell any product without problems; that was the task for the series last Sunday.

The Photogenic Shoot featured two segments, with the first segment dubbed the ‘AKWAABA- shoot’. The delegates were tasked to sell Ghana to the international community in one still shot.

The second segment saw the delegate’s tasked to advertise the KIA Cerato salon car with one tag line: beautiful inside and out, in motion pictures.

The AKWAABA and KIA advertising tasks were indeed exciting since it was first of its kind in the Miss Malaika Ghana competition.

The ladies’ creativity and level of imagination could not be under-rated as they applied themselves to the task set against the beautiful backdrop of the Bojo Beach Resort at Bortianor in Accra.

Eklenam and Victoria performed their ‘Akwaaba’ tasks with each portraying the accommodative and hospitable nature of Ghanaians in a purely traditional setting.  Gizelle was in a boat by the riverside doing a mixture of different Ghanaian traditional dances while beautifully dressed in Kente cloth and beads.

Jasmine’s welcome theme was of a Krobo lady in traditional beads and attire with the calm waters as her background. Joan chose to welcome foreigners by offering them a choice of fruits found in the country.

Laila, on the other hand, dressed in Northern regalia and held a big calabash full of water with a promise of refreshment to visitors.

Trudy was also richly dressed in a Dipo costume to depict the traditional Dipo girl from Krobo as she welcomed her imaginary audience to witness her culture. Audrey too dressed up in a smock and a hat, depicting herself as a lady from the northern part of Ghana welcoming the rest of the world.

Alberta presented herself as an Akan Queen regally welcoming all to her beautiful home. Pamela got into a huge canoe with a pot and calabash to fetch water to welcome the world to Ghana, while Lady Diana decked herself out in Kente as she struck a welcome pose.

Emelda found herself in peaceful waters in a serene background of greenery inviting the world to come and appreciate the flora of Ghana.

The exciting and adventurous locations chosen by the delegates went a long way to produce eye catching photo shots fit for magazines, newspapers and calendars.

The extensive search for the queen is gradually coming to a close as the final is scheduled for November 14, 2009. The next episode will see two more delegates being evicted from the competition.

The Miss Malaika episodes are sponsored by MTN, Gino, KIA, UB hair relaxers, Darling Hair Extentions, First Choice, ABC Wax and Forever Easy.

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