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Mark Essien out with album


Mark Essien

Mark Essien

Mark Essien’s dream to have his name become a household name on the Ghanaian gospel music scene is steadily coming to pass with the release of his maiden album, ‘Moma Yensum No’.


Mark happens to be one of the few young German-based Ghanaian gospel musicians working tirelessly to promote Ghanaian gospel music internationally.

He is the kind of gospel musician who thrills his audience with spectacular performances at all times. Indeed, he has been groomed into a complete star who does not only possess a sweet silky-voice, but also knows how and when to make his fans happy.

The inspiring songs on the album are arranged with sensational and inspirational rhythms, making the album a unique one.

His fusion of traditional gospel beats and the sound of foot drums and bass guitars in the background make the songs irresistibly danceable.

The album has distinctive features in terms of programming, beat and style; a new dimension in our current gospel dispensation.

The creativity in the composition of all the songs on the album is also commendable.

Having sung for several years, Mark has a voice that appeals to all music lovers, not to talk of his lyrics which are really inspirational and motivational.

Some of the songs on the 11-track album include ‘Egya Onyame’, ‘Obiara Ente Se No’, ‘Oye Titi Botan’, ‘Okristo Nie’, ‘Twe Ben No Daa’, ‘Puma’, ‘Otene Ninsa’, ‘Yesu’, among others.

The release of this album falls in line with Mark’s strategy of using music to educate people about the teachings of Christ.

The album is being distributed by Big Ben Music Production.


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